27.11 Sub-Block Alignment


An interesting variation on the alignment of pipelines including graphics layering is to indent the graphics layering and include it within a code block (surrounded by curly braces). This highlights the graphics layering as a different type of concept to the data pipeline and ensures the graphics layering stands out as a separate stanza to the pipeline narrative. Note that a period is then required in the ggplot2::ggplot() call to access the pipelined dataset. The pipeline can of course continue on from this expression block. Here we show it being piped into a ipred::print() to have the plot displayed and then saved into a variable for later processing. This style was suggested by Michael Thompson.


ds        <- weatherAUS
names(ds) <- rattle::normVarNames(names(ds))
ds %>%
  group_by(location) %>%
  mutate(rainfall=cumsum(risk_mm)) %>%
    ggplot(., aes(date, rainfall)) +
      geom_line() +
      facet_wrap(~location) +
  } %T>%
  print() ->

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