5.7 Format Strings

20220526 The date format strings will replace the %X special characters with specific components from the date (and time). For example, based on the result of a call to the function lubridate::now(), which is Sunday, 13 August 2023, 06:26:17 AM, the format is %A, %e %B %Y, %H:%M:%S %p.

The format strings that are available include:

  • %a \(\longrightarrow\) Sun (3 char day name)
  • %A \(\longrightarrow\) Sunday (full day name)
  • %b \(\longrightarrow\) Aug (3 char month name)
  • %B \(\longrightarrow\) August (full month name)
  • %d \(\longrightarrow\) 13 (leading 0 numeric day of month)
  • %e \(\longrightarrow\) 13 (numeric day of month)
  • %H \(\longrightarrow\) 06 (numeric hours)
  • %m \(\longrightarrow\) 08 (numeric month)
  • %M \(\longrightarrow\) 26 (numeric minutes)
  • %p \(\longrightarrow\) AM (lower morning or afternoon)
  • %P \(\longrightarrow\) am (upper morning or afternoon)
  • %S \(\longrightarrow\) 17 (numeric seconds)
  • %Y \(\longrightarrow\) 2023 (4 digit year)
  • %Z \(\longrightarrow\) AEST (time zone)

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