11.8 Bar Chart Dodge Labelled Colour Brewer


## Warning: The dot-dot notation (`..count..`) was deprecated in ggplot2 3.4.0.
## ℹ Please use `after_stat(count)` instead.
## This warning is displayed once every 8 hours.
## Call `lifecycle::last_lifecycle_warnings()` to see where this warning was generated.
## Warning: Removed 1 row containing missing values or values outside the scale
## range (`geom_bar()`).
## Warning: Removed 1 row containing missing values or values outside the scale
## range (`geom_text()`).

ds %>%
  ggplot(aes(x=wind_dir_3pm, fill=rain_tomorrow)) +
  geom_bar(position="dodge") +
  geom_text(stat="count", aes(label=..count..),
            vjust=-0.2, size=2) +
  scale_y_continuous(labels=comma, limits=c(0, 18500)) +  
  labs(x=vnames["wind_dir_3pm"], y="Count", fill="Rain Tomorrow") +  
  scale_fill_brewer(palette="Set2") +
  ggthemes::theme_solarized_2() +

A dodged bar chart is produced when a fill= option is provided for the ggplot2::aes() and position="dodge" option for the ggplot2::geom_bar(). We can add numeric labels using ggplot2::geom_label() (as in Section 11.15) or using ggplot2::geom_text() (as in Section 11.20). Here we demonstrate with ggplot2::geom_text().

Notice the use of scales::comma() for the labels as should be standard practice.

To tune the plot we’ve moved the legend to the top with the legend.position="top" option of ggplot2::theme(), increased the y-axis to fit the label using the limits= option of the ggplot2::scale_continuous() family of functions.

We have also chosen ggthemes::theme_solarized_2() for a different style of presentation. Notice that the ggplot2::theme() is placed after the ggthemes::theme_solarized_2() to override the default of the theme which is to place the legend on the right.

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