20.35 Enhanced Plot: With Colour

col <- c("#FD8D3C", "#FD8D3C", "#FD8D3C", "#BCBDDC",
         "#FDD0A2", "#FD8D3C", "#BCBDDC")
prp(model, type=2, extra=104, nn=TRUE, fallen.leaves=TRUE, 
    faclen=0, varlen=0, shadow.col="grey", branch.lty=3, box.col=col)

The rattle::fancyRpartPlot() function from (G. Williams 2023) generates scaled colour for colouring the boxes depending on the decision and the strength. The hard work is in generating the scaled colours for the nodes. Here we use other palettes for the colours rather than those used by rattle::fancyRpartPlot().


Williams, Graham. 2023. Rattle: Graphical User Interface for Data Science in r. https://rattle.togaware.com/.

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