20.32 Fancy Rpart Plot


The rattle (G. Williams 2023) package provides a fancy plot based on the functionality provided by (Milborrow 2022) and using colours from (Neuwirth 2022), tuned for use in : rattle::fancyRpartPlot(). The same options can be passed directly to rpart.plot::prp() to achieve the same plot and colours, and Stephen Milborrow demonstrates this mapping in his guide at http://www.milbo.org/doc/prp.pdf, page 11. In the following pages we demonstrate some of the alternative options provided by rpart.plot::prp().


Milborrow, Stephen. 2022. Rpart.plot: Plot Rpart Models: An Enhanced Version of Plot.rpart. http://www.milbo.org/rpart-plot/index.html.
Neuwirth, Erich. 2022. RColorBrewer: ColorBrewer Palettes. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=RColorBrewer.
Williams, Graham. 2023. Rattle: Graphical User Interface for Data Science in r. https://rattle.togaware.com/.

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