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by Graham Williams
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Data Scientist

A data scientist is an exceptional person. They bring to a task a specific collection of computer skills using a variety of tools. They also have particularly strong intuitions about how to resolve the whole into its components. They can then explore, visualise, analyse, and model the components to then synthesise new understandings into a new whole. With a desire and hunger for continually learning the data scientist will always be on the lookout for opportunities to improve how things are done and to change the current state of the world for the better. Finding all the requisite technical skills and motivation in one person is rare and so true data scientists are scarce and the demand for their services continues to grow as we find ourselves with more data every day. As these skills become critical to all human activity we will find new platforms emerging that will support the data scientist. Platforms that provide open and extensible support of data ingestion, data fusion, data cleansing, data wrangling, data visualisation, data analysis, and model building will begin to appear and will allow data scientists to be more efficient and productive. Such frameworks will also serve as the pathway for new data scientists into the world of data science.
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