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by Graham Williams
Duck Duck Go


Chapter: Preface

20200610 The enjoyment of one's tools is an essential ingredient of successful work. Donald E. Knuth There are many people to thank for sharing these tools, their knowledge, and their encouragement in many different ways. Indeed, the open source and especially the R and now the tidyverse communities are chracterised by their willingness to share for the good of us all, and many folk have also contributed directly and indirectly to this book through their sharing. Their contributions are acknowledged throughout the book, but there are always gaps. To all who share openly, thank you. I have learned so much from this community over more than 30 years. Also, support for maintenance of the book is always welcome, and is used to contribute toward the costs of running the servers used to make this book available. Donations can be made through PayPal at https://onepager.togaware.com/. The following are explicitly acknowledged for their recent support of the book: David Montgomery, Arivarignan Gunaseelan, Clemens Kielhauser, and Ricardo Scotta.
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